I've been doing photography for about 7 years now. Photography is one of those things that just satisfies a part of me deep down in my soul. I guess it's because I've never believed the lie that everyday life has to be dull and boring. I've always felt like there was more, like even your daily routine can be filled with joy and beauty. When I'm behind the camera, I get to capture the beautiful moments of people's lives. But even more than that, I get to FIND the beauty that maybe most people might miss and capture it. I think that's part of the reason why God put me here, to marvel in His beauty and help others do the same. If Nestor and I have the privilege of working with you, I hope the images we produce reveal some of that beauty to you.


I started shooting alongside my wife in 2020. Photography quickly became one of my greatest passions from that moment. When we're shooting digital, I work as a second shooter for Sam, but my real love lies with vintage media. I have acquired quite the collection of 35mm film, super 8, and VHS cameras. If you add a highlight video to your package, you’ll find me behind the video camera. There’s something about vintage media that captures emotions and moments in a timeless and nostalgic way, and I love getting to let my passion for this type of art shine on our clients’ wedding days.

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